Adapazarı, Kanlıçay Village - 1910

Our history dates back to the watermill lumber plant which Yahya TEVER, head and father of Tever Family, had established in Kanlıçay Village in Adapazarı after emigrating from Trabzon in early 1900s. This period dating back before the history of the Republic of Turkey is the first time the Tever Family was acquainted with forest products industry.

The surname Tever was derived from the nickname Tevor. In the time period dating back to 100 hundred years before, deadwoods of the spruce type in Anatolia were called Tevor by the local people. Our deceased grandfather Mehmet (our grand grandfather; father of Yahya Tever) was called with this nickname at those times. Then, after the introduction of the surname act, the nickname Tevor was adopted as the surname, Tever. Therefore the name Tever is called as a trademark in forest products industry when it comes to wood.

Tever family’s activities which had commenced with an old profession of their grandfather is now carried on with the factories producing various wood skins with the state-of-the-art technologies on the cutting edge.

Investments by Years

  • In 1995, 2 Melamine Coated Press Lines started to production in Çerkezköy.

    In 1999, the first Thin MDF (1.5 mm to 6 mm) production plant started to production in Çerkezköy.

    In 2000, the second Thin MDF (1.5 mm to 6 mm) production plant was established in Çerkezköy.

    In 2003, the second factory was established in Tekirdağ-Veliköy Industrial Zone as a new production location.

    In 2004, the investment for ContiRoll MDF (3 mm to 35 mm) production plant was made and started to production in Veliköy.

    In 2005, 1 Multi-System Melamine Press Line started to production.

    In 2006, 1 Impregnation plant and 1 Binder Production plant was commissioned and started to production.

    In 2007, 1 Printed Painting Line plant started to production to paint wooden boards.

    In 2009, the first Door Skin Board Production plant of Turkey was established in Veliköy.

    In 2012, 1 Board Painting Line (Second Line) and 1 Melamine Press line started to production to paint surfaces of wooden boards in Veliköy.

    In 2013, the first Melamine Coated Door Skin Board production lines (2 pcs) of Turkey started to production in Veliköy.

    In 2015, 1 Printing Board Painting line (Third Line) started to production in our factory in Veliköy.