ISO 9001 Quality Management

Our firm is among the leading companies of our sector with its traditional experiences in forest products industry as well as its current investments along with state-of-the-art and the most technological equipments in the world and upcoming investment projects planned for the future.

It operates in order to establish the ISO management standard, put it into practice at all the stages of the company efficiently and steadily and maintain its continuity.

Our Quality Policy is

*To adopt as a principle faultless and timely production with the sense of customer satisfaction,

*To increase our product quality continuously and maintain its continuity pursuant to our Quality Policy,

*To engage in continuous development and training activities with the management mentality regarding the Human Resources,

*To indoctrinate Team Spirit within cooperation and mutual tolerance with our employees, customers and suppliers,

*To ensure our R&D unit to follow closely the industry and carry on the innovation activities for quality production,

*To encourage continuous development and change activities performed by our Production and Engineer staff.


Teverpan A.Ş. which is the LEADER of the industry by way of value attached to human, investments made and export figures and always producing the top-QUALITY products will keep working by increasing its work tempo each passing day to be the LEADER in the world.

DD.02 Publication Date: 01.12.2010 / Rev:00/--

ISO 14001 Environment Management

As Teverpan MDF Levha Sanayii ve Tic. A.Ş., we predetermine and assess the environmental effects of our products we manufacture, and we set our primary targets with respect to our environmental policy accordingly. Recognizing that the basis of environmental protection works is to search for solutions for the root of the problem, we actively deal with the environmental protection principle at all the stages from process development phase to disposal and carry out works to minimize the wastes and zero their environmental effects. We devote ourselves to actively participate in works for protection of the world we live in along with the works aimed to decrease natural resources and energy use, and we commit to carry out cooperation activities.

ISO 18001 Occupational Health and Safety

Our corporation has established an Occupational Health and Safety policy clearly revealing the commitment of raising its objectives and performance in terms of OHS, and this policy has been approved by our top management.

Our corporation has taken the following criteria into consideration while establishing its OHS policy:

*Our corporation’s policies and targets concerning its business as a whole,

*Our corporation’s OHS dangers,

*Legal and other requirements,

*Requirements of customers, visitors and any other respective parties who can be within the borders of workplace,

*Our corporation’s past and present OHS performance,

*Opportunities and requirements for continuous development,

*Necessary resources,

*Contribution of employees,

*Contribution of suppliers and any other external personnel,

Our corporation’s OHS policy efficiently determined and specified having considered the above-mentioned criteria;

*is suitable for the structure of our corporation and the magnitude of OHS risk,

*includes a commitment for continuous improvement,

*includes a commitment that the requirements of applicable OHS laws and regulations and of the organizations affiliated as a minimum,

*has been documented, implemented, and its continuity is maintained,

*has been announced and published to all employees in order to raise their awareness with respect to individual OHS responsibilities,

*is at an accessible level for the customers, visitors and any other respective parties who can be within the borders of workplace,

*is reviewed periodically to ensure to maintain its suitability and validity for our corporation.

The OHS policy our corporation established has been communicated to the employees and respective parties who can be affected from the OHS performance, by way of hanging on several places in our company headquarters and units.

Besides, it is periodically reviewed in the management review meetings held periodically in order to maintain the continuity of ongoing suitability and efficiency of the OHS policy, to assess its conformity to the applicable laws and organization requirements and to determine the suitability of OHS dangers defined with its magnitude and the level of fulfilling the OHS objectives.

ISO 27001 Information Security Management

Accordingly, our ISMS Policy is

*To manage the information assets, to determine the security values, requirements and risk of the assets, and to develop and implement controls for security risks;

*To define the framework to be specified by the methods for determining information assets, values, security requirements, vulnerabilities, threats against the assets and frequency of threats;

*To define the framework for determining the confidentiality, integrity and accessibility effects of threat on the assets; 

*To establish the operating principles for handling the risks;

*To follow continuously the risks by reviewing the technological expectations in the context of scope the service is provided;

*To satisfy the requirements of national and international regulations and legal and applicable legislations, to meet the obligations arising from the agreements, to fulfill the information security requirements arising from the corporate responsibilities for internal and external stakeholders;

*To minimize the effects of information security threats for the service continuity, and to make contribution to the continuity

*To have necessary qualifications to be able interfere in possible information security events and minimize the effects of that event;

*To protect and improve the information security level in time with its control structure with optimum cost;

*To improve the corporate reputation and to protect the information security based negative effects.